Turn back! Look away! The only thing before you is… someones terrible opinion!

Everything You Like is Bad is a place where a tortured soul spends his time writing reviews, rants and retrospectives of video games that he has a personal connection with; for better or for worse.

Want to read mostly positive reviews of games I enjoy? Head over to The Good.

Do you want to hear about things that I don’t like for entirely opinionated reasons? You might find some of that in The Bad.

But of course, what you really want to hear about is train wrecks of games that make my blood boil, undoubtedly everything you hold dear? The Ugly is the place for you, unfortunately.

Finally, The Personal has information about the darling author, me, as well as some other, more musical, works.

If that all sounds wonderful, jump into The Blog, the flaming garbage heap where all of the articles end up, like a beige purgatory.

With that we welcome you to Everything You Like is Bad, have a terrible time.